The Bioplastics Division offers the TerraloyTM family of thermoplastic starch (TPS) compounds with polymers. A licensing agreement with Cerestech Inc. grants Teknor Apex exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and market that company's patented technology and to sub-license use of the compounding process. The technology involves preparing TPS from starch granules and then combining it with bioplastics like biodegradable copolyester (PBAT), polylactic acid (PLA) or polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) or with petrochemical-based polymers such as polyolefins and polystyrene.

The technology makes it possible to combine other polymers with TPS from natural resources like corn, wheat or potato while achieving better performance properties than are typical for conventional starch-containing blends. Teknor Apex produces both masterbatches and ready-to-process compounds for blown film, extruded and injection molded applications for packaging, book bags, supermarket bags, can-liners, disposable cutlery, cups, plates, containers; consumer products such as toys, cards, safety products, baby products, cosmetic products; horticulture such as mulch films, pots and other markets.

The Bioplastics Division is also prepared to sub-license the technology, particularly to processors of high-volume products that would benefit from the economies of compounding bioplastics in-house.

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