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Tired of wrestling with ordinary garden hoses that kink, twist, tangle, and make life difficult?

Get the straight truth. Only Apex Neverkink® Self-Straightening hoses contain patented NTS® Reflex Mesh® technology so the hose automatically self-straightens preventing kinks, twists and tangles.
Watch video to see why NeverKink® Hoses are guaranteed Not to Kink
The translucent strip that runs the length of every hose reveals the NTS® Reflex Mesh® technology.

Select Apex Neverkink® hoses are temperature rated to maintain flexibility when temperatures fall. Most Neverkink® hoses also feature MircoShield® Anti-Microbial protection to guard against mold and mildew.

There is a variety of Neverkink® garden hoses to choose from. Each guaranteed to prevent kinks, twists and tangles.