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Teknor Apex offers you an attractive balance of product offerings and service components from its Nylon Division. Formerly known as Chem Polymer, Teknor has merged this nylon product line, with over 40 years of experience, into its growing global compounding business.

Teknor Apex is well positioned to work with you on new applications and product development. We can make available to you technical engineers with nylon experience in the design process and on the manufacturing floor. Teknor Apex Nylon Division has a wealth of application experience spread across major market segments. Let us become a member of your team and objectively assist you from concept to conception.

From globally positioned industry standard products to customized niche products, Teknor Apex Nylon Division offers one of the most versatile choices in the plastics industry. Teknor nylon resins are used for products in the home, on the highway, and in many challenging industrial environments. We offer a reliable, quality-minded business model that is available globally with a tradition of customer support and technological innovation.

Teknor Apex manufactures nylon compounds in North America from Brownsville, TN and in Asia from Singapore. Where would you like us to go next? We look forward to working with you. If you are looking for a valued nylon partner, who will be there for the long tough haul, stop to consider.... Chemlon nylon globally and Beetle nylon in Europe ... setting the global standard for compounded nylon products.

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