New Compounds Cost Less than Other Zero-Halogen, Low-Smoke and -Flame Products but Provide Same End-Use Performance

May 14, 2001

ATLANTA, May 14, 2001: A new series of Fireguard LSZH (Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen) compounds provides a lower-cost alternative to other series in this product line for manufacturers of communications and data cable, it was announced today by the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex, which is introducing the series at Interwire 2001 (Booth 3720).

Fireguard LSZH 3000 Series products enable cable manufacturers to avoid the cost premium associated with compounds formulated for today's highest possible extrusion rates, according to Donald G. Ouellette, Industry Manager. "Products in this new series will cost less per pound than our Fireguard LSZH 1000 and 2000 Series compounds yet process readily at rates that are standard for many cable companies, particularly in Europe," Ouellette said. "At the same time, they will provide physical, electrical, and flame properties like those of established Fireguard LSZH compounds."

The first grades in the series are Fireguard 3003 and 3103, both of which meet the requirements specified in IEC 332 Part 3-C. In addition, Fireguard 3103 has passed the oven-aging test specified in UL 1581. Properties of these two grades are listed in the table accompanying this news release.

Although Fireguard LSZH products do not contain PVC, they derive from the same production and end-use market expertise that the Vinyl Division employs for vinyl-based Fireguard products. While both product ranges consist of low-flame, low-smoke compounds, only vinyl-based Fireguard products are used in plenum cable; Fireguard LSZH compounds find application in riser cable and a variety of European cable constructions.

Fireguard is a registered trademark of Teknor Apex.

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