Rigid PVC Profile Compound Meets Most Stringent Flammability Test while Providing Fine Channel Detail and Smooth Finish

Jul 21, 2010

Apex® RE-8003 Achieves UL-94 Rating of 5VA at the Lowest Thickness Thus Far

PAWTUCKET, RI., U.S.A., July 21, 2010:  A new high-impact rigid vinyl compound for profiles achieves the most rigorous UL-94 classification for flame performance while yielding finely detailed structures and the smooth, clean finish required in many interior applications, it was announced today by the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex Company.

Already used by extrusion processor Custom Profile, Inc. for a wide range of profiles, Apex® RE-8003 rigid vinyl compound has achieved the most stringent UL-94 flammability classification—5VA—at a test sample thickness lower than for any other rigid profile compound. While the lowest wall thickness thus far has been 1.5 mm, Apex RE-8003 passed the test at 0.9 mm.

Teknor Apex recommends the rigid compound for applications in furniture, building products, and retail displays. Profiles actually in commercial production by Custom Profile, Inc. include clips for holding tubing in place in appliances, highly cosmetic parts for office furniture, channels for wiring management, top caps for wall systems, and even side rails for canoes, according to company president Sam Nicholas.

“The Apex compound was virtually a drop-in replacement for another rigid PVC material that we had been using for these applications,” Nicholas said. “It required no tooling changes, yielded identical colors, and actually ran better than the previous compound.”

The flow properties of Apex RE-8003 enable it to consistently replicate structural details, according to Michael J. Renzi, Teknor Apex business development manager. “Extrusion processors have used our rigid compound successfully to produce intricate profiles with very fine channel structures,” Renzi said. “At the same time, this material yields an excellent finish, with a smooth surface and medium gloss.”

Apex RE-8003 is UL-listed in all standard colors. Property data appear on the accompanying table.

Custom Profile, Inc. is based in Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A. Tel: 1-616-735-4410. Email: sales@custom-profile.com. Visit www.custom-profile.com.

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